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How it Works

Holders of TLCP may participate in the crowdfunding of investments to purchase and rent out ‘buy-to-let’ properties around the globe that are structured through an individual limited company.

What does that mean for me?

Once you select the property in which you wish to invest and you pay TLCP into that project, you become a shareholder of the company that owns the property. Your percentage of ownership is equal to the percentage of investment you pay into the crowdfunding total.

How secure is my investment?

As a part-owner and shareholder of a rental property, your investment can be affected by outside factors, affecting the value of any real estate. The overall value may fluctuate up or down, affecting your capital. The annual dividend paid out is dependent on the rental income collected and returns may vary.

When do I get my money back?

You get a percentage share in the rental income, based on your percentage of investment. These dividends are paid quarterly. You also receive a percentage of any capital growth when the property is sold.

Crowdfunding in the real estate market promises to be a revolution. It is just now taking off, but already attracting impressive levels of interest from serious investors.


The unique value of crowdfunding is not money, it’s community.

Professor Ethan Mollick, Wharton University

Crowdfunding will become the future of how most small businesses are going to be financed.

Duncan Niederauer, Former NYSE CEO
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