How do I register?
Go to CrowdShareClub.com and click Register.  Enter all of the information and click submit.  You are now registered with CrowdShareClub.

If I create an account does that commit me to investing?
No, not at all. Joining us is free and without any obligation.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?
The minimum is US $1,000.

However our current The World, Dubai promotion allows you to become a Shareholder in one of our properties, Cote d’Azure by purchasing a P80 node from one of TravelCoin’s Corporate Sponsors, MyTravelBiz.  Purchasing and pledging your node allows you to invest US$420.

How do I become a shareholder in one of the properties?
Start by registering at CrowdShareClub.com.  Once registered, select the property you wish to become a Shareholder of and complete the payment steps.

Can I become a shareholder without registering a company?
No you must register a company and the Shareholder Agreement will be made to your registered company.  Please note the name the company is registered to must be a person over 18 years of age.

How do I choose the right property?
This is very much a personal choice.  With various yields, locations and payment options you select the one (or more) properties that best suit your shareholding goals.

Do I have to pay any fees to become a shareholder in the properties on CSC?
No, CSC does not charge fees to our members.

What is the CSC Take Back Program?
The CSC Take Back (CSCTB) is a special promotion that allows you to take part in The World, Dubai Cote d’Azure project.  Using the CSCTB you may pledge 70% your pre-minted TLCP with any MTB Power Node purchased after January 23, 2019.  This allows you to use the future power of your node to become a Shareholder today.

How do I use the CSCTB Program?
Log into your CrowdShareClub account.  Select the Cote d’Azure property, this currently the only property available through the CSCTB program.  Select the amount of TLCP you are investing and on the payment page select CSCTB as you payment option.

Your order will be reviewed and if your pledged node qualifies you will receive an email with the next steps to completing your Shareholder Agreement.

Why is my TLCP account negative after I pledged using the CSC Take Back Program?
When you pledge 70% of your pre-minted TLCP, CSC receives the coins as they are minted.  This means that your MTB TLCP backoffice will show a negative balance for the pledged amount.  As the coins are minted then your balance works its way back to a positive amount.

Can I use TLC as part of the CSC Take Back Program (CSCTB)?
No.  The CSCTB Program is a special promotion (currently only available for the Cote d’Azure property) and accepts TLCP only.  You may 70% of pre-minted TLCP on node purchases made on or after January 23, 2019. You may use your TLC if you wish to pay directly with already minted TLC.  The available payment split is 95% TLCP and 5% TLC.

When do I start receiving dividends?
The Cote d’Azure property is set to complete at the end of December 2019.  Dividends, if the property completes by deadline, will be available starting Q1 2020.

When will my name appear on Companies House?
Once CSC has received your pledge and you have supplied your registered company name and address you will be contacted to sign your Shareholder’s Agreement. This is typically a four week period after your pledge is submitted.   Within 2 weeks of signing and returning your Shareholder’s Agreement your name will appear on Companies House.

Can I sell my shares?
The real estate is owned by a UK company that you have shareholding in, you may sell shares to a third party after one year or after complete payment of CSCTB whichever  comes later.  Shareholders may also come together and decide to sell the real estate.

Do I receive a Shareholder’s Certificate?

Do I receive a Shareholder’s Report?

Can I visit the property I invested in?
As the property is being rented, and therefore likely occupied, we must respect the privacy of the occupants.  You may not just visit the property.

 Can I add to my current Shareholding?
Yes.  Please contact CSC at admin@CrowdShareClub.com to express your interest in purchasing additional shareholding in the property you are currently a shareholder of to see if there is still availablility in that property.  Once payment has been received you will receive an amendment to your current Shareholder’s Agreement increasing your shareholding.

You may also go to CrowdShareClub.com and purchase shareholding in any of the other available properties if you wish to diversify your portfolio.  Details for payment and yield are available for each property.

If a property is showing as 100% funded can I still invest in it?
No.  If the property is marked at 100% funded it is no longer open to investment.  However there are other properties to choose from.

Does CSC own all the properties?
CSC does not own the properties.  CSC acts as a bridge between you and companies that own the properties.  You become a Shareholder in a UK company that owns the property.

Is my share percentage in the company?
Your shareholding in in a UK company that owns the property.

Is the return based upon the value of the property?
The yield is dependant upon the property chosen.  This yield percentage is based upon the rental income and your shareholding percentage is based upon your purchase amount against the value of the property owned.  For example;

Cote d’Azure has an average 8% yield per annum (see chart) guaranteed for 12 years.

Owners receive 12 years guaranteed rental income of 8% per annum (average) of the base property value. Over the period of 12 years 100% of your investment returns to you through rental income. This income is over and above the capital growth of your real-estate.

This average is based upon the following chart.

Year Income Percentage
1 $26,593 6%
2 $26,593 6%
3 $26,593 6%
4 $35,457 8%
5 $35,457 8%
6 $35,457 8%
7 $35,457 8%
8 $44,321 10%
9 $44,321 10%
10 $44,321 10%
11 $44,321 10%
12 $44,321 10%
Total $443,214 100%

You pledge $5,075 against the US $531,681 value of the property and your shareholding is 0.955%

How is my investment secured?
Once the property is purchased, you have a legal share in the UK company that owns the property and your rights are protected by the company’s articles.

Can I use my credit card to pay for the property of my choice?
No. CSC only accepts TLCP and TLC.  To learn more about how to acquire TLCP or TLC please visit TravelCoin Foundation and MyTravelBiz.com.

What proof do I get of my investment?
You will receive a Shareholder Agreement and your will be listed on Companies House https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house showing your Shareholding percentage.